Working Hours:

 Town office:              Monday to Friday: Only by appointment 

Lefkimmi office:        Wednesday or Friday afternoon : Only by appointment


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Town office address: 12,  Mantzarou  Street                      Phone numbers: Town: 2661081253 , Lefkimmi: 2662023303            Mobile: 693 22 33 997

Lefkimmi office : On main Lefkimmi road, in the  first building immediately after DIMITRA super-market, on the right (when heading towards Kavos)

Common orthopaedic conditions I deal with  :

  • Hip , knee  and other joint problems
  • Bone fracture treatment (casts, surgical treatment), strains, sprains, muscle/ tendon / ligament conditions
  • Intra-articular and other types of injections, with ultrasound guidance, for treatment of several painful conditions ( arthritis, inflamations..)
  • Osteoporosis prevention and treatment (fracture prevention)
  • Spinal conditions ( back pain, neck pain, etc..)
  • Minor surgical procedures (e.g. small lacerations- 'stitches'/wound care, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger release)